Annual Competition

Details of the 2017 Annual Competition and the Founder Member’s Challenge Competition – which replaces the usual Nominated Item for 2017 only – can be found in the 2 clickable tabs below.

They are also available to download as PDF files here:

CNWWA 2017 Annual Competition Rules

Founders Challenge Competition 2017



Date: Thurs. 14th Dec. at 6.30pm

Arrangements for the competition are given below. For this year only, the Nominated Item is replaced by The Founder Members Challenge Competition. When you received your piece of wood for this competition you will have been given a separate set of rules. There is a minor amendment as to how the Nominated Item may be judged in future years. The AGM will be held on the same evening as usual. Please study the rules closely to avoid problems on the night. If you have any difficulty understanding the rules please ask.

We encourage everybody to bring along their work and enter.   There are two skill levels the Open Level and the Advanced Level. Those new to turning, those who have not entered a competition before or those who are not in the Advanced Level will compete at the Open Level. The Advanced Level is for members who have demonstrated their skill in previous competitions by being major prize winners.  Please check the Eligibility List on the board to see if you are allocated to the Advanced Level; there is some re-allocation after each Competition. If your name does not appear there then you will compete at the Open Level. There are three size groups within each Skill Level and four prizes for each of those groups. There will again be a display table (see below)

Just to remind you that any entries from the Monthly Competition can be entered in the Annual Competition.

Once you know which Level of Skill you are in you can submit as many items, in as many of the size categories as you like. All members can compete in the Founder Member Challenge.  So there is a lot to go for whatever your level of ability. Get Turning!


The two skill LEVELS are:-

  1. OPEN  LEVEL: Any member who is not in the Advanced Level or who has been transferred from the Advanced Level.
  2. ADVANCED LEVEL: Any professional woodturner. Any member who has won a 1st/2nd prize at Open Level, or a Show Prize, in two recent previous Annual Competitions (not necessarily consecutive). Once a member has transferred to Advanced Level they will remain at this level unless they do not win a prize for two consecutive years or agreement is reached with the Committee for them to move. Then they will move to the Open Level.

A Show Prize is Best of Show, Nominated Item 1st/2nd and Innovative Item Award (for this year only, 1st/2nd in Founder Member Challenge)

There will be three CATEGORIES of work, Small, Medium and Large within the Advanced and Open Levels.

  1. SMALL (less than 3″ diameter)
  2. MEDIUM (between 3″ and 8″ dia.)
  3. LARGE (over 8″ dia.)

If the entry is made up of a set of pieces then the size of the largest determines the category. Diameter is the largest diameter on a piece of work. Gauges will be available to help in testing if required.

This year the NOMINATED ITEM (open to all members) has been replaced by the Founder Member Challenge Competition (you will be given the wood and a separate set of rules). This is a ‘one-off’ for our 30th Anniversary Year.

Objective: To produce as many and as great a variety of items as you can, in size and type, from a given piece of wood.

Prizes: 1st £15, 2nd £10, 3rd £5 and 4th Scratch Card, plus commemorative certificates


Work should not have won a prize in any annual competition wherever held; club, regional or national.

Please do not mark your work with a name or a symbol which would identify you, or cover up such a mark with a label. Any item with identifying marks or labels will not be accepted for the competition.

No member can win more than one prize in any one size group at a particular ability Level, or in the Nominated Item(or this year the Founder Challenge)category.

In any dispute the Chairperson’s decision is final.


Open, and Advanced Level — All members will be invited to judge these entries. Judging should not commence until the last entries have been booked in at 7.05pm. Voting slips will be collected as they are completed and counting will start straight away.

Nominated Item —  The Guest Judge will select the prize winners in this category. In the absence of a Guest Judge members will judge the entries.

Founder Member Challenge — Martin Pantony and Richie Southerton

The Chairperson’s Choice — Selected by the Chairperson from all entries which have not otherwise won a prize.

The Most Innovative Turned Item — Selected by Gareth Davies. (in his absence, Guest Judge or Committee Members will make the choice)

The Pewter Tankard — Open Level Prize-winner with most points.

The Best of Show Award — Selected by a Guest Judge. The Guest Judge will be asked to comment on the overall standard of entries and any particular items they care to single out.  If a Guest Judge is not available then members will vote.


  • Submission of entries — 6.30pm to 7.05pm
  • Judging — 7.05pm to 7.35pm
  • Vote counting — 7.35pm to 8.20pm
  • Winners announced — 8.20pm approx.

Winners will be announced on the night of the Competition. Trophies and Certificates will be presented at the following meeting. At that meeting we also hope that prize-winners will be prepared to share with us the techniques used to make their prize-winning items.


A display table will be available for members who wish to bring previous prize winning entries or items from other areas of woodcraft. Please avail yourselves of this opportunity to share your skills. It would be helpful if each item had a small card to indicate who made it and a little bit about the object e.g. how many hours it took, woods used etc. This is for pleasure only; there will be no competition amongst the items.



(A ‘one-off’ for our 30th Anniversary Year sponsored by Martin Pantony)

Objective:  To produce as many and as great a variety of items as you can, in size and type, from a given piece of wood.

Competitors:  Any CNWWA member may compete.  All one class.

Wood:  One piece for each Competitor.  Wood will be Robinia (Pseudo Acacia).  Dimensions, rough sawn, 1½ in square and 6½ in long.  Only replaced, if faulty or spoiled, on receipt of original piece (Plus items which may have already been made.  These will be returned after the Competition).  No other wood may be used or incorporated including turned man-made material.  However, commercially obtainable accessories made from metal and plastic/rubber such as pen kits, bottle stoppers, key rings etc. may be used.

Judging Criteria:  These criteria were developed for the first Competition held in 1988.

Craftsmanship – Quality of the turning

Design/VarietyThe range/variety in size, type and number of the items produced.  It is unlikely that a competitor producing just 30 lace bobbins or 100 doll’s house scale(1/12th) goblets would win!

Originality – The unusual is valued as well ingenuity in, for example, mounting the object for turning, the type of items produced and how they are obtained from the block.

Finish – Quality looked for.

Good Use of Materials – What this competition is all about! How many pieces of turning can you get out of the block of wood?

General Appeal – The Judges catch-all!

Prizes:  1st £15, 2nd £10, 3rd £5 and 4th Scratch Card, plus commemorative certificates

Judging:  By the Sponsor and Richie Southerton.

Date:  Part of the ANNUAL COMPETITION on Thurs 14th December instead of the Nominated Item.


Here are some examples of small items.  It is not exhaustive and the blanks can be filled in by your imagination!

Candle Snuffers — Lace Bobbins — Corn Cob Holders — Pens — Pipe Tampers  — Light Pulls — Christmas Tree Icicle Ornaments — Buttons — Gear Knobs — Perfume Bottle Holder — Rattles — Christmas Tree Snowmen Ornaments — Coin Holders — Chess Pieces — Necklace Pendants — Paper Knives — Ring Stand  — Spoons — Small Boxes — Salt Scoops — Miniature Fruit — Earrings — Thimbles — Doll’s House (1/12th) Scale fixtures, furniture and fittings  — Christmas Trees — Sewing Housewife — Off-centre Pen Shapes (Body Form) — Needle cases — Knife Handles — Honey Dipper — Necklace Beads — Spillikins — Spinning Top — Bottle Stopper — Keyrings