CNWWA. Equipment for sale

From the shed clearance mentioned at the last meeting.

50% of all sales go to the club.

                              DescriptionNew priceOur price
Black & Decker  1/2″ chuck 2 speed drill. Speeds 900/ 2400 with chuck key (old but in good con.) ?£8.00
Record Marples block plane 060 1/2  6″ boxed as new  inst. booklet sold
Whitmore No.5 steel plane 37cm 14 1/2″  long v.good con. ?£10.00
Stanley Bailey No.3 steel plane vintage?£8.00
Dewalt   Electric saw DW62 (hand held)£129£14.00
Rolson 115mm Angle Grinder  600W£30sold
Thos. Ibbotson & Co cast steel circa 1890 draw knife slight pitting ?£20.00
Nutool Pro XP 115. Professional Angle Grinder?£14.00
Record 6″ (150mm) Face plate 3/4″ x 16tpi £29.95£8.00
5 Stanley Blue handle chisels 25,19,13,10 and 6mm flat?sold
 Record No.4 steel plane as new ? ?£10.00
This being the last of the tooling see below. Paramo No.10 Planemaster with slot-in-blades (5 spare) plus block plane (£14.00), various spoke shaves (£4.00 each), a wooden toolbox (£6.00), Vac King wet & dry vacuum with hose but needs filter (£4.00),various large hamers 3,4 and 7Lb (£2.00 each) All this equipment will be auctioned off at the June meeting.   

Black & Decker 1/2″ 2 speed drill

Paramo No.10 plane and 6″ block plane.

Whitmore No.5 steel plane 37cm long.





Record No.4 steel plane

Stanley Bailey No.3 steel plane

Stanley Blue handle chisels