Setting up for the demo

What a great evening we had last Thursday, supported by 45 members who came to see Emma Cook aka The Tiny Turner.
The Chairman welcomed the return of Emma who over the years has never ceased to treat us to fantastic demonstrations and really explains the technique when she is turning.
Emma had decided she would start with a square shaped platter with air brushing transfers, and for us an opportunity before she demonstrates this Worldwide, on the Record Power Webcast which has over 50,000 supporters. So something special.

Preparing the blank


The platter was about 6 inch square by about 2 inch, which Emma said was a bit thick but would turn it down. She stressed the importance of the fact it was square and suggested a piece of tape on the tool rest to identify the corners and keep your hand out of the way. Sound advice. Turning between centres to start then onto the chuck to complete the platter. Then showing how she uses transfers and stencils . Being a good Yorkshire Lass demonstrated how with careful handling you could get 4 or 5 times the use out of the stencils.


Masked off and leaves airbrushed

Demonstrating the flow of the airbrush in that very light coats were used to build up colour and shading on the leaves made them very realistic. Masking was important and stressed that the use of good quality masking tape was vital.

After everyone  had enjoyed tea coffee and biscuits the monthly competition winners were announced in both the Open and Advanced classes with the usual prizes of scratch cards to both first and second in each class, don’t think anyone has ever won the £100k.


The finished article

Turning block between centres

Emma then explained how she turns a sphere, using a block about 5×5.5 inches using two jam chucks marking the centre line and the importance of keeping that line on, turning firstly to oval then returning to semi round then multi axis till fully round.

Cup Chuck




Multi axis for sanding and finally rolling the ball across the floor. What was interesting was the use of cup chucks and how relatively easy it was to turn a perfect sphere.

Multi axis turning


Polishing the pendant

The third project of the evening was making a pendant from a resin and wood block. Emma makes the blocks which are usually a small wood burr into a mould then adds coloured resin. (She sells these on her website if you are going to try this.)
Firstly, turning between centres to round then using carpet sticky tape on to a jam chuck good quality tape is important.
Firstly using a flat jam chuck then a slightly concave one to take the shape you have turned. Sanding and polishing at each individual stage, then drilling with small hand drill not a power drill for the hole to take chain.


Thank you, Emma, for visiting us once again and we look forward to seeing you in future years.

Mike Wilson