SHARPENING DEMONSTRATION (hands on) by Michael Wilson

Mike Wilson

Mike is based in Anglesey and has been turning for about 15 years.
He is an approved AWGB tutor and enjoys teaching and developing new turners skills.
He also enjoys developing his own skills with other well known turners in the UK, Ireland and America.
As a member  of the AWGB, IWG, AAW and also a past Trustee of the AWGB he has attended their seminars for a number of years.The importance of basic skills both at the lathe and sharp tools make Turning both safe and enjoyable.Favourite turners include, Glen Lucas, Pat Carroll, Phil Irons, Andrew Hall, Garry Lowe, Cindy Droza, Margret Gerrard, and Jimmy Clews.

Mike’s well equipped workshop

At this meeting he will be demonstrating varying forms of sharpening with CBN on Slow Speed, the Robert Sorby Pro Edge, Water stone and Diamond Card, etc .

Members are welcome to bring along any problem tools and Michael will be happy to advise and give guidance on their sharpening and sharpen if requested.

The club competition for April is a pair of spindles