Turnings 1 to 8.

During lock-down I have done nothing as benevolent as Vish and Tony.                      

All credit to you, now I feel guilty! One problem is I have never liked doing the same thing twice. I’ll try most things once, but that’s it (almost always). At least that’s my excuse! An obvious snag is that therefore I don’t get good at anything, but hey ho…

But I have been busy with a project – my Covid Collection! Nineteen turned objects during lockdown. I’m using a few blanks I have bought in over the years but more often lumps of firewood picked up here and there, and off-cuts from woodwork projects.

The picture above shows Covid 1-8, so I am almost halfway to the obviously essential magnum opus – Covid 19! The zebrano dish was a departure in style for me and for once did spawn a repeat; my daughter wanted it and so did I! Other woods are ash, walnut, spalted beech, masasa and rosewood.

Covid 9 is different again, turned from a bit of Laburnum branchwood and requiring some carving and shaping.




I try to keep up my woodwork too – having finished a small table for our bedroom after the designs of Nakashima.

The fun design problem was that it is to live in front of a radiator!!

This required a strong subframe and sliding buttons to allow for movement.

Andrew Willis.