Our friend and longstanding member of the club, Don Baird, sadly passed away recently.    A number of members of the club attended his funeral on 8th of June and felt it appropriate that a small tribute should be included on the website.

All who attended would agree, I am sure, that the best tribute we could pay to Don is to share with his friends at Cheshire and North Wales Woodturners, the poem written and recited by his granddaughter Victoria at the service.

“SAWDUST”  by Victoria Baird

The Woodturner’s hands guide the tools to work the wood.

Turning and revolving with tender love and care.

Creating items of such beauty

a spinning top or rocking chair.


The Woodturner’s wife would sigh

at the sawdust at his feet,

as his cup of tea cools slowly

while he nods off in his seat.


From a reclaimed piece of wood,

that was destined for the skip,

a new treasure skilfully shaped,

time well spent and pleasure it would give.


When the craftsman’s eyes are failing

and his hands are getting weaker,

he pulls up a chair to supervise,

a pupil learning from his teacher.


The Woodturner’s apprentice,

learning from a young age,

His tutor’s words of encouragement,

echoing sounds of the lathe.


All too often we focus,

on the turned and finished piece.

Forgetting to appreciate,

all the shavings at our feet.


Some people they leave footprints,

upon the world they tread.

But some people they leave sawdust,

a sign of their endeavours instead.