The start of a new year for the club and a first in having both the AGM and our first I.R.D, (Interactive Remote Demonstration) This was the first time we had tried an IRD and special thanks have to go to Chris Parker well known Lancashire turner help us get it off the ground, something new for us.

After a few teething issues with the TVs and the splitter box, Chris had decided as this was to be test for us, he would aim to explain how both the remote demonstration would work with the various cameras and technology at his end.

The demonstration was aimed at our considerable number of new members but all of us were able to take learnings from Chris. Starting with a green piece of Yew he explained how he part turns to enable the wood to dry out quicker, because this was an Interactive demonstration our member could ask question, one member asked why did he only put PVA on the end grain when the whole bowl had been turned, Chris was able to show why when he brought out a part turned piece which he had done in 2021 and all members could see how much the wood had become oval, so it was important when rough turning to leave enough thickness for it to be returned and it was great to see close ups of the oval to round and how important it was to PVA the end grain both inside and out .

As this was our first IRD maybe there was some scepticism from some members at the start but by the end everyone agreed that it was worthwhile and more importantly enjoyable.  The belief was we should support our monthly demonstration program with 2 or 3 remote demonstrations in our calendar. The main advantage we would be able to get demonstrators who would not be able to visit the club.

The AGM took place after the demonstration with our chairman Ritchie delighted that some members were volunteering for positions. The club is growing and with 44 members at the end last year and some more in the pipeline makes 2024 an exciting and encouraging future.

Mike Wilson