Rachel presented with her birthday rose bush

During the tea break we had a very special celebration

One of our long standing members was two days away from celebrating her 90th birthday. Rachel Thompson, who is a retired GP from Chester, took up woodturning when she retired.  I remember just after I joined the club in 2006 asking her what made her take up woodturning. She told me that when she was little her father had a lathe and she asked him if she could have a go on it. His reply was ‘girls don’t turn ’. This got her fired up over the years and coming up to retirement she thought she would give it a go and show him. She is now in our advanced section winning certificates and still enjoying it immensely. One of her biggest achievements she will say has been to encourage another retired GP from Chester, Vish Kini, to join our club and become a very good turner.

Rachel with her Birthday cake

Rachel and Vish make regular trips down to Tracy Owen’s workshop.

During our tea break we presented Rachel with a birthday card and rosebush for her garden.  We then all enjoyed birthday cake and buns. At the end of the meeting, Emma Cook (The Tiny Turner), presented her with a dual finial ornament that she had turned during her demonstration.Rachel said that she had had a wonderful meeting and celebration.

 I am sure she will be back next meeting with an excellent competition entry.

Rachel thanking everyone 


Peter Green (Chair CNWWA.org.uk)