Emma at the start of her demo

Emma Cooke (‘The Tiny Turner’), although small, gave a BIG demonstration! She literally talked us through her entire demo. I joked with her at the end that, if we paid by the word, it would have cost us a fortune!

Joking apart, it was good that she did talk us through it as we had six potential new members. Everything was explained very clearly — not only how and why she was doing it, but also the consequences of mishaps.

Emma’s Carved Fantasy Dragon

As Emma is a carver, she turned a carver’s mallet in the first half of the demonstration. She started by turning the head out of hornbeam, explaining that other woods are too heavy for her – but that it is up to the individual’s choice. The handle was made of ash, with an in-depth explanation of how to assemble it all together.

After the usual tea break, the second half of Emma’s demo was taken up with a wooden cupcake box. A standard box shape with a heightened lid was turned. The base was clamped in a small vice fastened to the banjo. This was then carved with v-shapes, like the paper cupcake cases you can buy. The lid was then carved like a viennese whirl.

More of Emma’s work

I have to say that very enthusiastic applause was given at the end!

Personally, I believe that over the last 11 years this was one of the best demonstrations I have seen at the club. I am sure the majority of the club would welcome you back, Emma, so please don’t leave it too long. All the best wishes with your Carving and Turning.

Peter Green (Chairman, CNWWA)

More shot’s of Emma’s Demonstration and work