This turning began last year when I was looking at our very tired wind chime seen on the right.  I had a vision in my head of what I wanted so firstly I ordered some Bamboo around 2″ (50mm) Ø. The next stage was to sketch out a design of something resembling an Asian temple.

As this was an outside project and needed waterproofing, I chose Bamboo. I had turned a cheeseboard quite a few years ago out of this material so I knew what to expect! The board is called Caramel Kitchen Work Top and as you can see left it is made up of strips of machined bamboo approximately 3/8″(10mm) x 1/4″ (6mm). These are then glued and sandwiched between what looks like a continuous layer to 1 5/8″(40mm) x 24 3/8″(620mm) x 2,3,and 4mtr. Lengths.

So how does it turn, well I describe it as somewhere between wood and Corian. It tends to be a bit dusty but scrapes well. The top and bottom parts were turned back on the base to make water drip off the edge and not let it work its way towards the centre. The centre part was made from two blocks 160mm long x 80mm wide glued together. All parts had a 1/4″ (6MM) Ø hole drilled through the centre before gluing up for the cord to run through.

Dimensions for the parts are :- Top 6 1/4″ (160mm) Ø, Centre 2 3/4″ (70mm) Ø x 5 1/8″(130mm) long, Base 11 1/8″ (280mm) Ø and the striker 2 3/8″ (60mm) Ø. The Bamboo poles I purchased on Ebay at £17.00. The bamboo board I gained when I helped my son fit a new kitchen when living in a flat in London. The worktop supplier could not deliver a 2 and 3mtr length but for no extra cost  he would deliver two 3mtr lengths (no problem as now priced at £80.00 a metre).

If any member would like to share the details of something they have turned whilst we are unable to meet as a group  posted on the website for other members to see,  please contact me with pictures by email and I will post it. 

Peter Green (chair)